Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Solar film make my home dark?

The short answer is “not necessarily”. To experience the desired protection from Ultraviolet rays and the benefits of heat and glare reduction, thanks to today’s advancements in window film technology, dark tint is not necessarily required. While darker shades can be an option if more daytime privacy or performance is desired, the LLumar and Vista solar film lines we carry provide our customers with a variety of solar protection film tints, including clear, each offering many advantages.


2. Will it harm my plants?

Actually, window film often has either little effect on, or can even improve, the environment for indoor plants. Getting all the healthy value from the sunlight that they need to thrive, but not the scorching heat definitely has its advantages when it comes to plant health.

LLumar and Vista window film specifications indicate the light transmittance percentage of each film. Our window film specialists are happy to help you choose the best film based on what your plant varieties require, as well as meeting the needs of your home. For instance, some UV filtering films can be optically clear, and so will not affect the visible light for plants requiring full sun. For delicate plants that require shade, darker tinting can help these plants thrive, allowing you to place them out in the open and enjoy them even more.

Even frost films, for home privacy concerns, do not threaten the health and growth of indoor plants as they still allow light to penetrate. Remember though, as with any change in environment, plants usually require a period of adjustment. Testing any plants you are concerned about by moving them to a differently lighted area in your space can help to know how they will respond to change. Feel free to discuss any concerns you have about your window film selection with our qualified representatives.


3. What can I expect after a window film installation?

At first, you may notice that your freshly installed window film has a dimpled, textured or “lumpy” appearance when looking at or through it. (This is especially true of sputtered metal films.) Sometimes the film will have a milky or clouded look in spots. This is quite common and a normal part of the drying process. As moisture from the application solution slowly evaporates through the film, the lumpiness and/or cloudiness will slowly diminish. Within two to eight weeks it should dry completely, depending on the film product, temperature, and humidity. Normal curing periods range from 7-60 days. It can be even longer with thicker security film.


4. What kind of care & maintenance will my windows need?

While not as hard as glass, LLumar window films are scratch-resistant. When cleaning or working on or adding decals, avoid using hard, sharp or metallic objects to prevent any damage or gouging. When cleaning your windows, for best results, use a non-abrasive paper towel or a clean, soft cotton cloth along with any ammonia free, and non-abrasive cleaner. Ie) Vinegar (Green) or citrus based Windex, soap and water, or vinegar water. Caution: do not use the blue “Windex with ammonia D”, or any blue coloured cleaners as they usually contain ammonia.


5. How long can I expect window film to last?

With today’s technology advancements, high quality window films are designed to last and perform effectively for the lifetime of your windows. There are certain factors though that should be considered as they can affect a film’s lifespan. These factors include the type of window film being installed, whether it is an exterior or interior application, the environment and duration of sun exposure, the type of glass, as well as the construction of the frame structure.


6. What kind of warranty will my window film have?

At APW Film we care about the quality of service and products our customers receive. Our installers are detail oriented, factory trained and certified as solar and security window film specialists. Most residential installations come guaranteed with a limited warranty against peeling, bubbling and blistering. As an authorized dealer of LLumar®, and SelectPro Vista™ window films, we offer products from Eastman Chemical Company, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance automotive and architectural window films. As such, Eastman is deeply committed to developing products that are both innovative and current for market demands. Their products are of superior quality and they stand behind their products. Their LLumar®, and SelectPro Vista™ window films come with Manufacturer backed lifetime limited warranty across North America. You may view the full details of these terms for both residential and commercial applications in the pdf copy provided here.


7. Does window film need to be professionally installed or can I install it myself?

For those who are DIY savvy, you can install some window films without a professional installer. Many home improvements stores offer various films, however, they are limited in their selection of styles, shades and brands. Often these films do not come with any type of manufacturer’s warranty, or do not compare with the commercial grade, high-quality films found at professional window film companies. At APW Film we offer and have access to a wide variety of professional quality products that have manufacturer-backed lifetime limited warranties. Our installers have years of experience, training and expertise so can work quickly, and with detail-oriented quality.

As well, our knowledgeable representatives make it their goal to stay current with the latest technology advancements in the window film industry. Trained to identify how factors specific to your location can affect the end results of your installation, our representatives can be of great value as you choose which film is best for your space and needs. While the process of installing window film appears quite simple, choosing the wrong film or cheaper quality film can risk damage to your windows, or undesired results. The valuable expertise they provide can give you the peace of mind that your money will be used wisely, on the best product for your specific needs.


8. Can solar window film damage my windows?

Professionally installed window films are tested and designed to be safe for glass application. Before an installation, tests are performed to verify if the glass has an existing coating so that appropriate films will be installed. Film to glass ratio charts are used to ensure that the film selected is compatible for use on specific glass types. Even how the surrounding environment and shading will affect the pane’s heat absorption is factored in. As film performs it’s function of reflecting and absorbing solar energy, the temperature of the glass unit is intensified. This increase, however, is not beyond what glass, in good condition, can tolerate. Advancements in today’s technology make it possible to achieve significant solar energy rejection and quality performance without absorbing excessive amounts of solar energy.

When the glass is of good quality there should not be any issues. Rarely, glass breakage can occur. In these cases, pre-existing factors are usually involved such as glass imperfections, expansion restraints in the glass or window framing, or uneven heat distribution on the glass surface. Glass breakage warranty is available that only covers breakage that is the result of “Thermal Shock Fracture”.

Being aware of this concern can help you in preventing future damage. For instance, to prevent excessive heat buildup, it is recommended to avoid using black out blinds or curtains on windows that are protected with window film. Also, take note of any changes in the surrounding environment, such as new construction, or tree growth which may cast shade unevenly on your windows for extended periods of time.

At APW Film our fully trained and certified solar control and security film specialists are happy to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding the installation and maintenance of window film on your windows, specifically according to your situation.

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