Glass and Wall Enhancements

If you are looking for something unique to give your home or office a “new and modern” but economical makeover, we can help! Our unique series of specialty and decorative films can turn clear or tinted glass into veritable works of art. Transform your glass surfaces with matte/frosted films or you can choose from different designer patterns. Our qualified representatives provide valuable assistance as project liaisons to designers and architects.

With specialty on-site printing and cutting equipment we can customize the look you want for your glass surfaces. But don’t let the imagination stop there! Now with our wall graphic films and vinyl, you can expand your new look beyond the glass. Transform your entire space with creative designs on walls, and even ceilings. Looking for ways add more function to your space? Try our white board wall vinyl.

Enjoy your custom designs and prints which suit your needs and spaces with unique creativity!


  • Interior Design
  • Customized Logos/Signage
  • Office Partitions
  • Privacy


  • Be as creative as you want
  • The design you like
  • The light you need
  • The color that compliments
  • As much privacy as you require
  • Low cost alternative


  • Llumar Window Film is pleased to have strict quality systems and has been ISO 9001 Certified

The APW Film Advantage

  • Computer plotter on premises
  • Liaison with interior designers
  • Quick Professional Installation


  • Easy to care for with normal soap and water solutions. A very inexpensive method to maintain compared to sandblasting glass. Should a section need replacement, it is easy and inexpensive to match.

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